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Kitchen Backsplash Remodel

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Kitchen Backsplash Remodel


Often overlooked in home remodeling, a backsplash possesses the remarkable capacity to refresh and refine the aesthetic of both kitchens and bathrooms. More than guarding against oil splashes or water marks, the right tile backsplash can elevate the mundane into a captivating centerpiece, merging practical utility with stylish allure. AllDone Construction is Austin, TX's go-to expert for all your backsplash installation and backsplash design needs.

When you choose AllDone Construction, you're partnering with a trusted contractor offering more than just a backsplash installation estimate. Our commitment to craftsmanship shines through every project. During our comprehensive, free consultation, our design team will assess your needs of ceramic or glass tile backsplash, discuss various tile and design possibilities, and provide a detailed visualization of the improvements.

With AllDone Construction, your backsplash will capture your distinct style, design goals, and practical requirements. Think of your backsplash not just as a shield but as a transformative piece that defines the essence of your kitchen or bathroom. From bold mosaic to subtle subway tile designs, we're here to guide and execute your vision. Contact us today to embark on a journey that enhances the visual appeal of your home or bathroom.

  • Ceramic and Porcelain: With a myriad of colors and patterns, ceramic and porcelain tiles ensure your space radiates sophistication.
  • Glass: Sleek and modern, glass tiles offer a reflective and clean finish, adding luminance to any room.
  • Stone: Bringing a touch of nature indoors, stone backsplash promise a timeless and earthy feel.
  • Mosaic: For those aiming for a unique and intricate design, mosaic tiles present a myriad of artistic possibilities.

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